SMOOTH, slick with an unbridled flow...

Flyness at its best, GYASI is an artist whose life journey started in the city of Toronto's "least liveable neighbourhood" - Jane & Finch. This is the story of an artist who demonstrates how he has navigated his way through relationships and society in a style that has been compared to the likes of Ma$e, Cam'Ron & early JAY-Z.

Recently, after executing a slew of other creative endeavours, he has crafted a body of music intended to give just a taste of whats in store. A founding member of the Livin'ArtsClub, he exhibits his skillfully crafted bars, a variety of braggadocious 90s & 2000s flows, layered with precision over modern soundbeds. This rare yet familiar combination makes him a radio ready prospect amongst fashion lovers, Hip-Hop heads & hipsters across the world.

GYASI is able to juxtapose his fondness for fashion, women and a desire for the good life with calm bravado and introspection. He paints the picture of an artist who still makes music for the respect of his peers, and is ready to see how far his collective will go without sacrificing the art. To put it in simpler terms, he plans to be a creative who will be talked about forever. A hybrid product of the 'hood and the suburbs, it is often said that he "floats" over the dark and brooding beats in his records. 

Once you hear the music you’ll know why these words hold true.

Get ready.